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People with sensible skin, this type of mask can make serious dermatologist problems.


In social media we’ve seeing lots of videos of womans in pain taking off that peel off mask, a black mask that it’s top trend now. What doesn’t show those videos are the awful results for your skin.

Black mask have been popularized because they promise to end with blackheads, known dermatological as comedones, but the reality it’s different. Even though in appearance they get rid of the problem, it’s a very painful solution, temporally and the skin may resent.

Blackhead and spots are annoying and aesthetic, but that has a function. “This blackheads are sebum produced by the sebaceous glands, wich serves to lubricate and protect the surface of the skin, if we use products to remove that fat, we can get to injure the skin because that fat has the specific function”, specialist says.

“Mask exfoliate the skin by removing the more superficial layer that is the cornea layer, which acts ass a barrier. Although in social networks sell this type of products as an alternative for the removal of blackheads, they are not selective , that is, that not only remove blackheads, but also remove everything in this layer including cells of the stratum corneum. However, the pore, which is what people seek to clean, will continue to have fat because it’s part of a hair follicle”.

Even if it’s seems like a short term solution, mask get rid of sebum and skin cells. At the end, the hair follicle still filed with sebum and keratin. The latter is the responsible for giving the brown color and yellowish when it oxidizes, so a mask to cleanse acne and blackheads will not suffice.

Negative Effects.

The consequences of using highly abrasive carbon masks or that are not approved by the relevant health authorities, can be very serious. In consultation, we have seen cases of commercial and homemade masks based on tutorials in which there is pain when retiring, there are first degree burns, inflammation and irritation. A mask should not hurt. When you use masks for certain pathologies there may be slight itching, but if there is intense pain that is a symptom that the surface is being altered. In some cases, a layer of skin is removed.

These types of products, which are very aggressive and irritating, can end up in diseases, such as dermatitis of the irritative type, the skin can become red, scaly and even with erosions or burns of first and second superficial degree.

The self-medication is a common problem when we talk about dermatological conditions, so the specialists recommend to go to a specialist, because only he’s the indicated person to say what type of treatment to follow according to the patient’s skin type. If the skin it’s producing sebum excess, you can see dilated pores and full of fat, they will not solve the root problem with a simple mask. You can use non-aggressive creams and other specialized treatments.

How to know that a mask mistreated my skin?

The are immediate and short-term clinical consequences. In the immediate ones, we find allergic dermatitis, guilty of itching, erosions on the skin, that make your skin look excessively red or with desquamation, like the person had been exposed to the sun without sun protection. Short-term complications are severe dryness, while in other patients there may be increased fat production.




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