Cancer is coming to an end. Scientist from Uruguay discovers way to halt metastasis in a natural way. Share!!

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Magdalena Paolino, a biochemist from Uruguay and a scientist at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of Austria (IMBA), discovered a mechanism to stop metastasis tumor, based on immune system processes.


The research, developed over seven yEars at the IMBA, where Magdalena Paolino completed her PhD in Molecular Biology, began when the Uruguayan discovered that by taking a particular gene from mouses, they acquired the ability to reject various types of tumors.

“I discovered a new mechanism in immune cells, called Natural Killers or NK,which when blocked allows these cells too become aggressive and control the metastasis of tumors”, said the specialist.


The results, published last February in prestigious international journals such as ‘Nature’, are statistically significant.

“We work on five different models of tumors and in all of them there is a rejection. It is not a 100%, but when a normal mouse has a lung occupied in between 60% and 70% by melanoma metastasis, our mice that are deficient in this molecules have 20%.”

If the research continues and its human results can be replicated, it could work as an alternative to current treatments such as as radiotherapy, chemotherapy or antiangiogenic therapy.




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