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This soup recipe was created with the idea of getting affected heart patients to undergo an urgent operation, to reduce as much fat as possible in a short time to try to reduce the risk as much as possible.

Originally this soup was made to mix it with fruits, fish, meat, and you can not eat only soup through the day.


So if you want to eat soup for a week to depurate your body in a wonderful way and without any risk, remember you can not take it like a normal diet, because it’s not, only as a very effective complement.


– 6 big onions

– 2 peppers

– 1 bunch of celery

– 1 tomato can

– 1 cabbage

– 1 chicken cube

You can also add salt, pepper, curry or hot sauce


1. Cut the vegetables into small pieces and put them in a large pot with tomatoes and the chicken cube.

2. Boil all this for about 10 minutes and lower the heat until the vegetables are cooked.

3. Afterwards, you have to grind it well.

And if you want to know how to make this recipe really effective, keep reading…

Instructions of how to take this cleansing soup for a week:

Day 1:

Eat only the soup and fresh fruit, except banana, we recommend to eat watermelon and melon because their low level of calories. Remember: only natural drinks like tea, coffee without sugar and water.

Day 2:

You can only eat vegetables. If you cook the vegetables do it in the soup, and don’t add butter or oil.

At night you can reward yourself with a big potato baked with a little bit of butter if you wish or olive oil. This day don’t eat fruit.

Day 3:

This day is the combination of the previous two, all day fruits and vegetables, except banana. But at night don’t add the potato.

Day 4:

Only eat the fat burning soup, bananas and skim milk. Eat three bananas and drink two glasses of skim milk ans as many glasses of water as you like. The bananas this day are to help you not fall into the temptation of sweets, so you know what not take…

And for the last days… Keep reading…

Day 5:

Today you can eat meat. You can eat 500gr of meat without fat and 5 fresh tomatoes. You have to drink between 5 or 8 glasses of water to remove uric acid from the meat.

Eat the fat burning soup at least once in this day, better if it’s twice.

Day 6:

Today it a meat and vegetable day. Eat as much as you want, you need proteins. Only with salad. And eat the fat burning soup at least once.

Day 7:

Today, to finish the week, eat integral rice, fruit and vegetables juices. Eat and drink all this as much as you want.

And of course the soup at least once in the day.




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