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The truth it’s that I’m a bit scared of insects. So you can imagine how scared I was when I heard about the “Vinchucas”. “Vinchucas”? Yes, they sound harmless, but they’re parasiites and can even cause death by spreading Chagas disease in humans and animals.


Not surprisingly, they’re also called “killer bugs”. While earlier wasn’t very common, lately there’s an increase in the number of infected people in South America and the US. Have been infected, and in texas approximately 620 dogs have died because of Chagas disease.

The vinchucas feed on blood, they bite people and animals around their eyes and mouth while they sleep. Their feces may contain a deadly parasite and it’s during this process the the disease can be tranferred.

Dogs can also get Chagas disease if they eat the bug or feces from infected animals.


It’s important to detect Chagas infection as soon as possible, but the infection is known as the “silent killer” since the infection can be asymptomatic until it suddenly appears. In any case, it’s important to know the possible symptoms.


-Poor coordination and confusion

-Seizures o sudden movements


-Swollen abdomen

-Loss of appetite

-Depression and lethargy

-Increased heart rate

These symptoms may be quite common in other health problems, but if you do, there are specific tests available for Chagas detection. If it’s detected on time, it can be treated successfully. In addition, you can help reduce your risk of getting this infection by doing this:

Keep pets inside the house at night since insects are nocturnal.

Remove wood, brush, batteries, etc. Near the house or garden.

Seal the holes, cracks, etc. in windows and storage spaces.

Keep dog houses high in the air.

Put the lights away from your home as they attract insects.

Keep your home and garden clean.



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