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There are so many hairstyles that can actually make you look younger. Layered hairstyles, curly hairstyles, hairstyles with bangs and side braid hairstyles.

1. Shiny Strands.

Dull, lackluster strands can be very aging. Give your locks come luster by adding a small amount of shine serum to your ends.


2. Soft Bangs.

Give your face a softer, more youthful appearance by asking your stylist for soft, wispy bangs. Swoop them to the side for a more dimensional look.


3. Messy Braid.

While braids may seem like a hairstyle that is exclusive to younger girls, more mature women can absolutely pull them off as well. Try a side-swept braid with messy ends to add a sense of youth to your hairstyle.


4. Wavy Bob.

A soft, wavy bob is the perfect look for anyone wanting a more youthful appearance. The soft layer add dimension, while the relaxed waves give the style a more bohemian and youthful edge.


5. Blended Pixie.

Sometimes, pixie style haircuts can be too harsh and aging on certain women. If you’re looking to a shorter hairstyle, try asking your stylist for a softer pixie cut. According to “Allure”, you should ask for seamless looking layers that blend together easily for a more youthful looking style.


6. Cropped Bob.

Highlight your jawline and enhance the look of your cheekbones with a cropped bob. “Allure” suggests adding choppy layers for added fullness and dimension.


7. Layered Mid-Length Style with heavy fringe.

If you’re looking to keep your hair on the longer side, consider adding face framing layers and side-swept fringe. It’s a fresh looking style that adds dimension to any hair type.


8. Messy Shag.

Add roughness and texture to your hair by getting this messy shag style. The flicked ends add a sense of flirtiness that makes this hairstyle fun and youthful.


9. Face-Framing Highlights.

Add warmth and light to your face by adding a few lightly hued highlights around your face.


10. Anything On-Trend.
Sporting a stylish ‘do—such as the current look of soft waves—suggests a fresh, fashion-forward take on beauty, which naturally conveys a youthful perception. “But the trend has to be lifestyle, age and face-shape appropriate,” advis


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