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A multidisciplinary team at the Virgen del Rocío Hospital has successfully applied innovative stem cell therapy that can cure fistulas in the anus. This’s a serious alteration that increases the life quality of those affected by Crohn’s disease.


Phase III clinical trial results, involving 49 international centers led by Virgen del Rocío, have been published in the prestigious scientific journal called Lancet. Once this medical advance is approved by the European Medicines Agency and the marketing phase is completed, cell therapy will be part of the SAS portfolio of services for fistulas treatment.

“Phase III trial prove the safety and efficacy of cell therapy versus placebo. A single injection achieves healing in 50% of patients” esplained Dr. Fernando de la Portilla, responsible of the Colocrology Unit during the presentation of the results at the Virgen del Rocío Hospital.

This technique consists in the administration, through an injection, of stem cells in the affected area by the fistula. The anti-inflammatory finction of his cellular therapy allows the regenerationof damaged tissue, so that the affected one can recovers the life quality. Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune problem that affects the digestive tract and, among complications, can degenerate into fistulas in the anus. The most effective therapeutic solution for this problem it’s, so far, focused on surgery, but it doesn’t guarantee cure.

Virgen del Rocío-Virgen Macarena Hospital manager: Manuel Romero, highlighted this Friday the commitment of SAS for cell therapy advance and noted that the results of this trial opens the “path to hope” for those affected by crohn’s disease. It’s estimated that this therapy can benefit, on a yearly basis, half a hundred patients only in Virgen del Rocío area.




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