Your PlayStation 4 it’s a cockroach nest (literally) CHECK THE VIDEO AND SHARE IT!!

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If snakes could be a danger to some users of Sony’s console, a group of experts has made an amazing revelation with evidence of all kinds.

Not long time ago we remembered one of the most famous – and curious – cases concerning around the appearance of a snake inside the Sony machine. Whether or not it’s an isolated case; a group of experts has developed all kinds of tests around the platform and cockroaches. As stated by several experienced in arranging all types of consoles, PlayStation 4 is the “favourite” nest for cockroaches.

Surely many of you are grabing your head by now or at least looking in a different way to your beloved PlayStation 4. There are many professional shops repairing all kinds of technological devices that now promote cartels and ads like: “We can completely clean your PlayStation 4 from cockroaches”

And it seems that the problem it’s not only in the United States, it’s extending also in Europe. As they say “Consoles are usually positioned horizontally, in dark places, dimly lit and can become the perfect home for some types of bugs, especially cockroaches.”


Matt Zieminski, one of these console repair experts, points out that cockroaches usually opt for PlayStation 4 and not other platforms like Xbox One due to the cooling system it has. “Users or owners of PS4 wonder why, without any apparent reason, your console stops working. The last thing they could expect it’s that there is a cockroach nest”; says Matt.

Zieminski points out that as soon as one of these players comes to the store in search of a solution they know exacly that it’s a cockroaches problem. “They tend to leave their ‘footprint.’ They usually leave their excrement and the smell when you turn on your console it’s strong. The solution it’s change the power supply, sterilize it and put it back.”

It’s clearly the power supply, in the case of PlayStation 4, and the remarkable temperatures reached by the console the reason why the cockroaches go to the platform like if it that were a free “hotel”.




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