Birdseed can: cure diabetes, helps you to get slimmer quickly, get rid of saturated fats in arteries and veins, reduces inflammation in organs, can cure arterial hypertension… SHARE!

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Birdseed it’s one of the most powerful seed in the earth; the birdseed capacity enzymatic reactions it’s huge and the protein content it’s even bigger.

A glass of birdseed enzymatic milk has more proteins than two or three kilograms of meet, but with stable amino acids, they can travel save and indestructible form around our organism.



Birdseed’s enzymes have an intensive power to help to reduce inflammation in our organs, especially in the liver, kidney and pancreas, that’s why birdseed it’s a huge pancreatic regenerator, CAN GET RID OF DIABETES IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS! Also can get rid of cirrhosis and improve liver hepatocytes and reduces inflammation, can refill kidney of enzymes, improving a healthy diuresis that get rid of the body liquids excess. Birdseed it’s a tireless fighter against hypertension, contain lipase enzyme that get rid quickly of fat in the organism, veins, arteries… That’s why it’s a good remedy for obesity and have powerful results in muscle tonicity.

Indicated on hypercholesterolemia and arteriosclerosis prevention.

Diuretic: helpful in situations that requires a diuresis increase, like genital-urinary affections (cystitis), an abundance of nitrogenous substances in blood, hyperuricemia, gout, arterial hypertension, edema, overweight, fluid retention, gastritis, ulcers, gastric ulcers. it’s demulcent (emollient , can relaxed and softened inflamed parts).

In Canary island it’s a good remedy for urinary infections, calculus, bladder… And refreshing in hot days!

Also can use it in eczema


You have to make sure the birdseed you use it’s for human consumption (you can buy it in natural shops) not the one for birds.

Put in water five spoons of birdseeds at night and leave it, in the morning, strain it and put it in a blender with water. The result will be a very foaming milk with a soft taste which is going to be a healthy injection. Drink it when your stomach is empty in the morning and another at night before sleep.

You can drink it when you’re having food it will help you as well, but never forget it in the morning and before sleep!

You can’t add fruits neither sugar, that’s totally banned, because refined sugar it’s like poison that kills enzymes and all the good things in food, as these it’s too acid and nothing that’s alive can survive in refined sugar acidity.

Drink birdseed milk it’s like an injection against diabetes and any illness that generate acids in the body, therefore, it’s necessary drink two or three glasses of birdseed milk every day to make sure you have a skinny figure and a healthy body, that of course involve a healthy mind.

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