The 6 Things That Depress Your Dog Read Them And You’ll Have A Very Happy Dog!

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Dogs are usually very playful animals, sociable, cheerful and always make us laugh with their occurrences. However, there are some attitudes on the part of your masters that can sadden or depress you and make you feel lonely and upset.

6 Attitudes that depress your dog

These attitudes are contrary to those of exemplary masters and should not be worthy of a four-legged furry friend. They are harmful and only destroy the dog-human relationship. The 6 attitudes that depress the dogs are as follows:

1) Scold your dog

Many times a master believes that shouting loudly and forcefully to a dog can correct a dog’s behavior and thus “be able to learn” to act well, this many believe and at least once we have done. Dogs also feel, understand very well and realize things.

If you treat your dog like this, the only thing you are going to get is to make him feel sad because of the way you are heading towards him. You must remember that you are the most important person in your life and more than your friend he considers you his master and the best moments of him are those who live with you.

My dog gets depressed if I scold him.
2) hit it

The physical abuse is totally unnecessary to try to correct the behavior of your dog, this only creates in your pet a state of fear, helplessness and distrust, and can often trigger as a consequence an aggressive attitude on the part of your dog. We totally reject abuse to dogs and any other type of animals, this is not right and only generates more violence on their part. Also, remember that you can be sanctioned and even deprived of your freedom for animal abuse.
3) Punish him

Punishing your dog is also wrong, they do not like it, it damages the relationship with your pet and also can create in your dog a great incessant state of stress that, as in the previous case, can be expressed through violence and aggressiveness (Even towards the master himself).
4) Not paying attention

Ignoring your dog is bad enough, since the only moments he can use to have fun and distract are those that you decide to dedicate to him, either share playing with him, a walk and going to the park.
For your dog, the best part of the day is when you return home and if you only go to scold him, ignore him and even beat him, you are going to ruin that moment for which he has waited so long.

My dog gets depressed if I isolate him.
5) Isolate it

Dogs are characterized by being a sociable species that needs contact with other animals and even other people apart from the master or family of the master, get to know, have new experiences and live new adventures.

You should not lock it in a room, basement or yard while you are inside the house, this is one of the ways of loneliness and abandonment that most affect the mood of your dog as well as his behavior.
6) Do not exercise it

For dogs (especially for puppies) Exercise is one of their basic needs, they need to be outdoors, feel full and run quite like a great way to feed their body, mind and soul (if they have soul).

When a dog comes out and has fun, his mood improves remarkably, he manages to release the stress and he feels very happy, with himself and with the person who pulls him



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