A child comes out of depression when he meets a dog with his own illness

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Carter Blanchard, an 8-year-old boy from Arkansas, was saddened by the patches of vitiligo on his face until he met Rowdy, a black Labrador with the same problem. Two years ago, when he was only six years old, Carter Blanchard noticed something Strange in his face. A stain. Over the weeks the stains grew. But the doctors had already given their diagnosis: he had vitiligo. It is a degenerative disease of the skin in which pigmentation is lost and whitish spots appear throughout the body. Carter felt different from other boys. His life was no longer the same. He lost confidence. Not only that. His self-esteem descended until he almost disappeared and went into depression. The worst thing is that he began to hate his spots while his illness was growing. One day Carter looked at himself in the mirror and looked different …

His mother, Stephanie Adcock, counts the moment she decided to seek help: “One day I would take him to school and the first thing he told me when he got into the car was that he hated his face and hated the way he looked.” Stephanie realized that was the limit. That if he did not do something for his son, everything could be complicated to an unsuspected point.

He set out to find a solution on the Internet, that box of Pandora that contains miracles and tragedies. And he ran into what he thought could be a great help. A photo of Rowdy. It was not another boy. He was a black Labrador dog, 13, popular in social networks and who, like his son, had been diagnosed with vitiligo the same year as Carter.

… A dog showed him that there are no different

What if Carter knew Rowdy? There were two problems for that to happen. On the one hand, the distance. Carter and his mom live in Arkansas, and Rowdy in Oregon. The other is that Stephanie did not have the money to pay for the transfer.

The first thing the woman did was to contact Rowdy’s owner, Niki Umbenhower. He explained Carter’s problem and asked if he could take his son to meet Rowdy. The woman accepted with pleasure. Stephanie did not tell her she did not have the money to travel. He thought about asking for a loan to get it.

But stories where someone puts so much will, always has outside help. Someone heard about the situation and anonymously donated the $ 5,000 that the transfer cost. And there mother and son traveled there. When Carter saw the dog, his world changed. He no longer felt different. The meeting was magical.

The boy returned to school renewed. With desire, without sadness, feeling the same and not diverse. Carter’s mom and Rowdy’s owner are trying to find a way for the child and dog to see each other more often.



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