DO NOT LET your children eat CHEETOS. Urgent to share.

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For no one is a secret that Cheetos is a junk food that we all love for its delicious flavor, is ideal to eat at the snack or just when we are in a meeting with friends. But, today you will change your mind, after you know the truth about this food that can become extremely harmful. It is very important that you read and share this information that is of vital importance to many parents.


Cheetos is made with quantities of additives that produce effects in the body.

Of course, that you are an adult you have an addiction to this snack and is that this is one of the components of it, has a component that makes one addictive to them. Those who come in spicy presentation, can produce gastritis, irritate the stomach and can also cause reflux.

According to the so-called Food Engineer and the “Naturist Investigator”, cheetos are not made with corn, but with oil, specifically with carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and acetone, which they say are substances derived from oil and paperboard. To “prove” it bring a flame to the cheetos, which start to burn in a few seconds. According to them, another “dangerous” ingredient of cheetos is a colorant: tartracin.

The truth about  Cheetos

Tartrazine (or tartrazine) is a synthetic coloring agent used in a wide variety of foods in order to provide a color ranging from orange to yellow, depending on how diluted it is. In addition it can be mixed with other dyes so that the foods acquire blue color or green color. It is used in many places of the world to give color to foods as diverse as nachos, soft drinks, yogurts, snacks, etc.



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