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General information
Make a diet involves preparing a meal plan and stick aiming at reducing body weight. To do this, prepare a balanced diet with fewer calories than are usually taken and combined with increased physical activity.


How to make a diet to lose weight
In order to prepare a personalized diet must have comprehensive information of previous usual diet. This information will plan a decrease of 20 to 30% of normal caloric intake, which is the boundary between rational and what should be taken with a major medical control.

Proteins represent 20% of total caloric value, and should be 15% calorie reduction is not usually done by a decrease in this group unless prior contribution in their habits were exaggerated. Therefore meat must enter all diets and fish (sardines, anchovies, mackerel, etc ..) which are proteins associated with a contribution of polyunsaturated fat with omega 3 fatty acids.

Fats or lipids are currently taking in daily diets with a contribution of 39% of the total daily calorie intake and it is recommended that this percentage does not exceed 35%. This in cases of diets normal individuals, but in certain cases the rate is excessive.
In these types of foods are the obvious fat and they are mixed or taken with proteins thus meats and other protein foods must be processed to remove visible fat and its preparation avoid associating fat, giving priority to their cooking or grilled preparation.

Sugars or carbohydrates should make up 45 to 50% of the usual heat energy. To this end, these foods should recognize and take them very controlled not to change this index is very sensitive given the amount of food that should be taken daily to get the necessary input.
This group includes rice, potatoes, legumes, pasta, bread, etc. which must be taken into a weighed amount which would be a suitable daily dose. Other forms of simple sugars are contained in fruits that also must be controlled in number of pieces per day. In this food group should consider the presence of fiber that must be suitable to be sufficient to improve or at least maintain normal intestinal rhythm cud.

To get an idea of the needs of slimming should be aware that 500 grams of fat contains approximately 3,500 calories, ie that to lose 500 grams per week a person should consume about 3,500 calories a week less, or what is the same can be achieved by reducing 500 calories from daily food intake.

With this basic information you can make an adequate diet for each individual, and can be adjusted from 900 to 1600 kilocalories per day.



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