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General information
This guide will do a little review of information about those miracle diets that make false promises.
In most of these diets are not balanced, are very low in carbohydrates and calories, which causes a loss of body fluids at the same time it represents a rapid weight loss.

When diets are suspended for a few days, the body tends to recover the hydration and the initial weight is regained quickly.


How to assess if a diet is “Fad”

  • First you should seek advice from a professional doctor or dietitian.
  • The exaggerated or even total bans in some of the sections of balance as they are proteins, fats and carbohydrates or sugars, will suspect inadequate and unhealthy diets.
  • One or some of the most widespread are those that allow you to eat protein and fat but totally prohibit carbohydrates. These guidelines result in the formation of ketone bodies in turn produce anorexia (little desire to eat). But side effects produced by excess uric acid and other unhealthy metabolic imbalances.
  • The strange warnings such as “eat all” or “calories do not matter” are unscientific terms and possibly guide us to another diet of “FAD”.



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