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China attends shocked to death of four children from 5 to 14 whose parents were left to look for work

By: Alba Muñoz


“Thanks for your kindness. I know you have good intentions towards us, but now we must go. ”

On Tuesday, a police officer found this handwritten message in a house in Bijie, in southwestern China.

Like most of the houses of the people, he seems to have been abandoned by their owners. But a few hours before the agent you found that note, there lived a boy and three girls. They were brothers and were between 5 and 14 years.

The room in which four brothers were found.

The boy was the oldest. It was he who wrote the message before committing suicide by drinking pesticide with her sisters.


This news has reached the international press thanks to public outrage: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang had to order an urgent investigation last Friday due to the protests of the residents of the province of Guizhou, one of the poorest country.




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